Having kids reduces your free time and ability to just head to the gym whenever you feel like it. This is especially true when your kids are too young to be in school or to attend social activities unsupervised. However, having a baby or toddler to care for doesn't mean you have to give up on your fitness goals. Here are four ways you can fit in exercise while looking after your kids:

Invest in Home Gym Equipment

If you can't get to the gym, bring the gym to you. You don't need a dedicated room to store gym equipment or even a large space, just work with what you have. Several types of treadmills fold down and can be stored under the bed or in a cupboard between uses, and exercise bikes don't take up much space at all. Having some cardio equipment and a set of hand weights at home allows you to work out while your child is playing in the same room as you. Learn about your options by visiting companies like Workout Workshop.

Join a Parent & Child Exercise Program

Have you considered signing up for a parent and child yoga class? These classes enable you to take your child with you and do the class with them. The instructor will show you how to modify popular yoga poses to ensure they are safe for both you and your child.

Alternatively, you can join a parent and child walking group. This gives your child the opportunity to socialise with other kids and gives you the support of other parents as you walk your way to toned legs.

Get Some DVDs

Workout DVDs are ideal for sticking on during nap times or to do along with your child. They may enjoy trying to follow the DVD and you can select several types of workouts to ensure your exercise regime has variety. If your child is prone to taking short naps, pick some DVDs that offer quick, high-impact workouts.

Try a Jogging Pushchair

A jogging pushchair allows you to get your heart rate up in the fresh air. It differs from a normal pushchair in that it has extra padding, shock absorbers and a safety harness that will ensure your child is secure and comfortable regardless of how rough the terrain is on your favourite jogging route. Most models also have a drinks holder for you and a secure compartment to store items such as your keys and phone.